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    embed spreadsheet in wordpress You can transform your spreadsheet into an interactive chart or graph, embed documents other than spreadsheets, and customize the HTML of your table using a [gdoc key=""] WordPress shortcode. Download Add Spreadsheet To Wordpress pdf. com/spreadsheets/d/ . Find more documentation here. All you need is the Google Docs URL and a plugin called EmbedPress. Meitar Moscovitz . Website Powered by WordPress. Prep your Wix page. This will bring up the WordPress media upload popup. The result will be a spreadsheet without styles. Mar 26, 2020 · To embed a data table, choose the Table chart style. It will not be visible in any post or page until you embed it. 5. Step 3 – Login. Click the chart menu in the upper right of the chart frame and select . I used Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer, Version 0. Embed live pages in WordPress Step-by-step. The solution is to using a plugin to embed the Google Docs (in my case a spreadsheet) without using an iFrame. Use the shortcode. Jul 30, 2019 · To embed a Google doc in WordPress, you need to open the document in your browser first. One of the projects we are funding is the development of a number of interactive Excel documents to support an open finance textbook in our collection. you can set the refresh/recalculation rate under File > Spreadsheet settings to be as often as every minute, if necessary for your spreadsheet. Paste the URL into the spreadsheet function in WordPress, “Google Spreadsheet Key. Change your sheet's privacy. Google Docs has included the feature that allows you to embed live spreadsheet on the web page. No file uploads required. Embed Google Sheets & publish in WordPress . When the installation is complete, open Excel. This tutorial will show you how to publish live Excel spreadsheets and charts in WordPress using Publish to Cloud and an iframe. Jul 02, 2020 · Airtable is a cloud service that combines the power of spreadsheets and databases together. Mar 30, 2020 · Publish your sheet to the web by going to File > Publish to the web. Do want embed a Google Sheet Spreadsheet to WordPress website as a beautiful responsive table? In this video I will explain how you can do . The fine print. eMember will make sure that only members can view that page and interact with whatever you have on the page. Adding a live calculator or chart to your website adds value to your visitors and makes your website more interactive. stackexchange. Jan 12, 2021 · Follow these simple steps: Go to the Microsoft OneDrive In your OneDrive, right-click on the workbook and select “Embed”. You need to select the Embed option and then click on the Publish button. It is possible to embed Google Docs in WordPress. How To Embed Data From Excel In WordPress . TinyMCE Advanced - an advanced tool not only for spreadsheets. Google Sheets is a wonderful service that lets you create and share spreadsheets with others. Display Excel Sheet data in Wordpress page or Post. Aug 07, 2015 · Display live data from Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog. 31 Aug 2016. com May 13, 2015 · Embedding Interactive Excel Spreadsheets in WordPress using OneDrive. So all you need to do is find a solution that lets you place an editable excel spreadsheet on a post or page and then protect that page using eMember. 22 Nov 2018. Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet in to a Modern SharePoint Page. Jan 04, 2021 · An easy way, like what Google Sheets offers, is to use an iframe to embed a spreadsheet into your web page. 24 Feb 2020. ( 15 seconds) Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app. In Excel, select the cells you want to link or embed. You will firstly need to set up an ipushpull account, which can be done here. Jul 30, 2019 · Embedding Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet, and Other Documents in WordPress The plugin mentioned above only lets you embed PDF files into your WordPress site. Oct 13, 2020 · Follow these steps below to learn how to embed Google Sheets into WordPress tables. Sep 20, 2018 · When you simply embed the code into your WordPress post or page what you get is a form that retains Google’s default style. I hope you find this article helpful and make it easy for you to add Google Calendar on Your WordPress site. Click on Plugins in the left-hand menu. Install the plugin file directly from the WordPress plugin directory. 4 Nov 2020. Step 5: Edit links When you insert interactive tables in WordPress posts without a plugin and using a Spreadsheet table, the inserted table will look like and behave as below. Reply TextField In Flutter Is An Important Widget As It Helps The User Enter Text Values. Dec 22, 2015 · In the editor, make sure that you are on the Text tab, then paste in the embed code that you copied from Microsoft. To embed a Sheet from Google Docs, open the spreadsheet you want to embed and click on the Publish to the Web link under the File menu . In this article, we’ll show you the step by step process on how to create a custom Airtable form and embed it to your WordPress site. Show the entire workbook, or show a chart, a named range, PivotTable, or table. 27 Mar 2019. 27 Jan 2017. Depending on your needs, a form plugin like Forminator has built-in integration with Google Sheets, provides much better styling options for WordPress, and allows you to create more advanced forms. Enable the Sheets API. Adding a Google Calendar to your WordPress site is something you can easily do in half an hour or so. How to embed any Excel data in WordPress pages Step 1 – Sign up to an ipushpull account. 2 Jan 2015. 16 Nov 2020. Click the Embed button. Nov 16, 2020 · The same way we Insert a Table we can also easily Insert an Excel Spreadsheet in a Microsoft Word Document very quickly and very easy. One thing that is unique to Excel is that there is a bit more flexibility with the embed settings . 6 Jul 2012. 3. Step 1: Authenticate Microsoft Excel + WordPress. Step 1: Connect Google Sheets From your WordPress dashboard, go to Ninja Tables and click on “Add Table”. Click the “Add New” button. Use gist. 1. If you satisfy with this type of responsive table in WordPress, you can continue with the tutorial. Live data . 30 Aug 2019. Because only by being . This resource is going to help you create an HTML table that allows you to fill in the information then copy the resultant table to a rich text editor. Once the Wix page is in edit mode, click Add on the left side of the Editor. Hope this helps! https://wordpress. Do you want to embed PDF, spreadsheet, and other types of documents in your WordPress blog posts? WordPress comes with a powerful content editor and allows you to easily embed videos, tweets, audio, and other media formats using the embed blocks. For a visual chart, you’ll want to pick the style that will best help you visualize your Google Sheets data. Mar 03, 2018 · Select the range of live data you would like to embed in your WordPress page and navigate to the Push button in the ipushpull ribbon, click on the drop down arrow on the bottom half of the button. 0 License · 4 stars 2  . Login to your Google account and open your. Aug 20, 2013 · In my previous post, I explained how to embed very simple spreadsheets in a WordPress blog, using that cool little piece of Free Software called Gelsheet. 9+); Click “Insert. Documents like PDF, Excel spreadsheet, Tweets, YouTube Video, Maps, Pages from others websites . Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet In . 20 Jan 2021. Make the spreadsheet shareable via link. Install the EmbedPress Plugin · Step #2. Inserting or embedding your Awesome Table app in WordPress is as. Feb 24, 2020 · If you want to add a Spreadsheet to your form so your users can view it (or view and edit), please follow these steps:1) Add iFrame embed widget,. You can transform your spreadsheet into an interactive chart or graph, embed documents other than spreadsheets, and customize the HTML of your table using  . Then, the plugin would present that data in a nicely formatted table with support for media elements, links, and standard text formats. Do you want to embed PDF, spreadsheet, and other types of documents in your WordPress blog posts? WordPress comes with a powerful . You will get a window that will allow you to search for plugins. Insert tables in WordPress posts without plugin or HTML coding. Now you’re ready to embed the calculator in your website. Another option is to use a WordPress plugin explicitly designed for integrating with the Google Charts API. One way to do this is to make use of gist. Step 3 – Login to ipushpull in Excel. It allows you to build custom spreadsheet apps without writing a single line of code. Specify a cell location in Google Sheets. Login to the WordPress administration page for your server. Then, click on the “Embed” button. 14 Jul 2020. com. Sheet2Site – Embed your Google Sheet into your WordPress website. 12 Nov 2020. All additional attributes are optional. 30 Aug 2020. There once was a WordPress plugin for embedding Google Forms (aptly named Google Forms), but as of August 2018, Google removed the need for the plugin. The widget is compatible with all popular CMS, including WordPress and Shopify . Then, click on the more action (three-dot) button and click on “ Open in New Window. Work with existing spreadsheets in a program that you already know with our add-in for Excel. While Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer will let you easily embed a Google Spreadsheet into your WordPress website, it can do so much more . The ipushpull WordPress plugin lets you embed ipushpull Pages in your site. Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet on Your Blog. open up my SPO document library to upload my excel spreadsheet which I'm planning to embed in to the page. Finish creating a chart changes in the data, i locate the insert the Create or Select a Google API Project. ( 30 seconds) Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation. You can also insert a spreadsheet in Google Sites. Open the Awesome Table app in edit mode. The only required parameter is key, which specifies the document you’d like to retrieve. Here, I'm using our Google Drive Embedder plugin for WordPress – but the steps should be almost identical if you're just using the 'iframe' embed code, obtained . You can accumulate information from other spreadsheets, import text and images , and insert other objects. In the list of calculators, locate the calculator you want to embed. So, I uploaded one of the interactive Excel spreadsheets the author sent me to OneDrive, followed the embed instructions and voila… …an . After that, go to the File menu and click on the “Publish to the web” option. It works like a compiler that can create an embedded interactive Excel spreadsheet in your HTML website. Embeds public Google Spreadsheets, Apps Scripts, or CSV files in WordPress posts or pages as… Meitar Moscovitz 10,000+ active installations Tested with 5. Get the URL of your Google Sheet · Step #3. Embed a spreadsheet with the Block editor In WordPress, click on the Upload SSC Calculator link in the menu. It allows you to copy data from whatever program you want (like Excel,) bringing together the more advanced features from Excel and the versatility of a chart plugin. In the column Calculator iframe, click on the Click to Copy button for the calculator you want to embed. With it, a user can import live calculating tables from Microsoft Excel to a WordPress page. You can easily embed your Google Docs spreadsheets, documents, forms, and presentations into your WordPress. <iframe src="https://docs. Then click on the “Upload Files” tab and drag and drop your files into the window. Embedding Google Docs and Spreadsheets into your Blog Posts July 6, 2008 Uncategorized blogging , embedding , Google , Google Docs , how-to , plugin , Spreadsheets , WordPress Jason Morrison I just wrote a post about buying a new camera, and because I want to compare specs on several different cameras and lenses, I’m going to need a spreadsheet. Apr 26, 2015 · The steps below show how to embed an Excel spreadsheet in a Word document. org/extend/plugins/google-document-embedder/) To install the plugin, go to the WordPress Admin Panel, and go to Plugins. Create a new API key. Get the spreadsheet ID. In WordPress, go to your blog's dashboard and click Posts > Add New. Contact me for web design at . See full list on winningwp. 2 Jul 2020. Embed: - Embed Google Sheet into your existing site - Already have a website. Tables – embed a . Next, visit SlideShare website, copy and paste the link that you want to embed on your website. Watch this video to find out how to use our simple Shortcode Generator Apr 29, 2015 · The very first thing to do is to download and install the Google Doc Embedder Plugin. Gelsheet with WordPress. A quick video tutorial showing how to embed a Google spreadsheet on a Wordpress website. Bad Table HTML from Spreadsheet. 22 Aug 2020. For this example we’ll use two files – Doc1 – the Word document; Book1 – the Excel document Feb 03, 2021 · Copy the embed code. That completes the process for embedding a Microsoft OneDrive document into your WordPress Post or Page. Sheets. With a single iframe tag, you can easily display a spreadsheet on your web page. google. If you cannot find this in the menu, contact your WordPress administrator. You can get a URL for Microsoft 365-hosted workbooks, and use it to embed them directly in your web page or blog by setting the SRC attribute of an <iframe> element on the web page. Get started for free. Never mind what popular social . Google Sheets embed code. Paste the URL of an existing Google Spreadsheet that uses the TimelineJS template into the "Data source" field. Select the Script tab: Copy the script under Step 1. Successful confirmation page, it will be an easy steps are not use them as an appropriate google. Type import spreadsheets in the. This WordPress Excel spreadsheet plugin is not just an Excel viewer. 2. To embed a SlideShare presentation in the WordPress blog post, create a new post or edit an existing one. It will then automatically trace and display the content just the way . ipushpull now lets you embed live, updating data from your desktop Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress website or blog! Whether you’ve a price list that you want to publish every morning, or finance data that changes every few seconds, we’ve made it incredibly easy to send this data directly from your desktop Excel spreadsheet to your site. Click on the ipushpull button in the WordPress page toolbar. The Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer plugin for . Embedding the Google Spreadsheet on a WordPress Website. Ordinarily, WordPress . Upload your PDF or document to your “media” dashboard like you would do when uploading an image to a blog post. did you know that you can easily embed your Google Docs spreadsheets, tables, documents, forms and presentations into your WordPress . wordpress. Google Docs Embed lets you embed your Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms directly into WordPress posts and pages. 25 Okt 2017. These types of projects are fun to do, and they enhance an existing resource by adding interactivity to the book. First, open your Google Spreadsheet with Chart. 23 Dec 2020. Excel Spreadsheets, dan elemen lainnya di blog WordPress kamu . Sheet2Site 200+ active installations Tested with 5. The advantage with this approach is that you can modify the data in the spreadsheet and embedded table will update itself to reflect the edits. 18 Mar 2014. in iCloud but not to a specific table within a sheet on that document. 15 Oct 2020. Learn how to embed simple spreadsheets in your WordPress blogs with Gelsheet. 12 Aug 2013. ” Now you should see the . On the edit screen, click on the Add Media button above the post editor. In the example above, I did not have much work at all, to be honest with you. From there you can insert them into your page or post. 13 May 2015. However, you may want a form that’s more in keeping with the style and brand of your WordPress site. Click "Insert Timeline" and . com on October 10, 2017. By doing so, you will have embedded your excel spreadsheet into web pages. Furthermore, all changes you make to the original sheet will be automatically . Here is a step by step tutorial of how to embed pdf, spreadsheet, word file and other documents on your WordPress website. Aug 06, 2012 · This blog post will cover about how to display a PDF, spreadsheet or a word file in a blog post or even a page. In the What to show box, click what you want to show in your blog. 26 Oct 2020. Nov 04, 2020 · Now double click on the PDF file that you want to embed on your WordPress website. 4 Feb 2016. Can I Set The Default Value You Can Use DefaultIndex={2} To Set The Default Value. To do that, go to the Embed section (under the SHARE section), and copy the embed code. Contact me for web design at http://ramboruiz. Save the Page/Post. To embed a Google doc in WordPress, you need to open the document in your browser first. ( 15 seconds) Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other. To embed visual charts, you can choose from a range of different chart styles. After that, go to the File menu and click on the “ . 2, by “Mr. (Skip this step in WordPress 3. ( 2 minutes) Report Builder instantly creates documents and spreadsheets filling your templates with actual data from your WordPress site. Then, click on “Add New Block” icon and add “SlideShare” block on the post editor. Cara Embed PDF, Spreadsheet, dan lain-lain di WordPress Blog Posts. Received in the option you time the entire website, the page or page or open in? Convenience for your page builder element for your action. Plug in your details into code. The main use of Table Chart in Google spreadsheet is to create a Google Sheet Dashboard . Push your data to an ipushpull page with a Manual or Live Push. Click on Preview in order to see the results of your embed. 30 जुलाई 2019. It does not apply your CSS and may not blend with your theme. 2. 22. Now copy the iframe code. Supported website builders: Squarespace, Wix, Joomla, Weebly, WordPress, . Embed Data from Excel. Embedding Google Docs Spreadsheet Forms On Your Website Google Docs Web Forms are a free, fast and powerful way to collect information . This is convenient if you wish to just “display” a sheet – but if your web page needs to interact with the spreadsheet, then iframe becomes a barrier. After that, a new popup window will appear. Bad HTML code pasted into. Download Add Spreadsheet To Wordpress doc. com/spreadsheets/d/ABCDEFG/edit#gid=123456, use the following shortcode in your WordPress post or page: Oct 02, 2014 · If you would like to add a PDF, Word Document, PPT, or Excel Spreadsheet to your WordPress site using the Add Media feature all you need to do is click on the “Add Media” button. Visual charts – use a Google Sheets spreadsheet to generate bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, and lots of other formats. This is one of many . Oct 01, 2020 · Essentially, the goal is to have an Excel-like spreadsheet in your WordPress dashboard that allows you to import data or manually type it in. com resource. Customize your workflow, collaborate, and achieve ambitious outcomes. Nov 16, 2020 · Embedding the Google Spreadsheet on a WordPress Website Now you can simply copy that iframe code and place it in the HTML of the page you want to embed it into. Master-Detail Tables – Is an add-on for wpDataTables which allows you and your site visitors to see details for each row with a simple click. Also in WordPress, don't worry that the embed code is an iframe. You should get an embed code from that, and make sure you keep that in a safe place too. Dec 31, 2020 · Ninja Forms is a flexible and WordPress contact form plugin that also has a visual form building interface. Embed Google Sheets in WordPress either with Google Drive or by using a. (http://wordpress. Next step. Would you like to display them on your WordPress pages? These 4 plugins have you covered: Currently Trending Themes7 Yoga Themes for WordPress Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer: as the name suggests, this plugin lets you display Google spreadsheets in an […] Following this, press File > Publish to Web > Embed > Sheet1 > Publish. Click Generate, and then click Customize how this embedded workbook will appear to others. Publish your spreadsheet following the steps listed above and a unique URL is generated. Oct 10, 2017 · In the WebPart configuration panel, simply paste the embed code you grabbed from Excel Online: If everything goes wel, you should see the excel file embeded in the modern SPO page: Originally published at jcgonzalezmartin. com Try Google docs to embed spreadsheet on any web page. The live sheet will appear on the. Grab the Embed code (it uses an iframe). Once installed, you insert WordPress shortcode like this: Dec 12, 2014 · It is called Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer and it gives you a wordpress shortcode that looks like this: If you want to embed a google sheet in a blog post, you install the plugin, you insert that shortcode, and you put the URL of the public/open google sheet into the ” ” and that’s it. In And 30 Jul 2019. Embedding. To do this, you can try the Google Forms WordPress plugin. This allows the data in the Excel spreadsheet to be updated outside of the Word document, while keeping the latest data available to the Word document. Install the ipushpull plugin for WordPress, see this page for more information. If you would like to link or embed the entire worksheet, click on the box at the juncture of the rows and columns in the top left-hand corner to select the whole sheet. Dec 21, 2020 · Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel is a WordPress plugin. 25 Jun 2013. we will show you how you can embed PDFs, Microsoft Word Documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel Spreadsheets, and other elements in your WordPress blog . How to Embed a Functioning Calculator (Excel spreadsheet) into WordPress This was a hack and save, hack and save production – so I thought I’d save you, my fellow bloggers, some time and frustration and just show you how to embed excel into your blog post so you can get on with your day of blogging, photo editing, writing, soliciting. The easiest way to import an Excel calculator, live chart or smart form into a WordPress blog or website is to use SpreadsheetConverter. github. On your WordPress page click on Text. Embedding a Google Doc in Blackboard. For example, to display the spreadsheet at https://docs. to your users or visitors, properly configure your spreadsheet settings. 27 May 2020. I mainly use Excel when embedding tables in my WordPress. 26 Mar 2020. The free Google Doc Embedder plugin is available within the WordPress plugin repository and allows you to directly embed presentation, PDF, spreadsheet, . Create a new post / page or edit an existing one where you want to add the chart. Select the WordPress page you would like to display your Excel data in. Do let us know how you would like to use Google Calendar on your WordPress site. 2 Updated 6 months ago Google Forms Nov 23, 2019 · Live Google Calendar in WordPress Post Wrapping It Up. Embed your Google Sheets just by inserting the link on your preferred editor. Sep 07, 2017 · Embedding a Google Sheet as an HTML Table. 28 May 2012. This ensures that your spreadsheet data is always up-to-date and, for large spreadsheets, it takes the processing responsibilities off your . You can find it here. org/plugins/google-docs-oembed/ · GPL-2. Modify the iframe code so it reads like so. Once your account is set up, log in and download the. How to Create Beautiful WordPress Charts and Graphs Embed data with the Shortcode Generator. Click on Add New. wordpress_how_to_embed_google_chart_1. Aug 12, 2013 · The content of your spreadsheet will be saved, like the rest of the post, in the MySQL database, while a placeholder in the text of the post will tell WordPress where to display it: Let's insert a. Depending on where you want to place the sheet, you need . . If you want to add a Spreadsheet to your form so your users can view it (or view and edit), please follow these steps:1) Add iFrame embed . embed PDFs, Word documents, or spreadsheets to your post or page. After saving the appropriate Sharing setting, copy the URL you use to view the Google Spreadsheet from your browser’s address bar into the shortcode. Jul 18, 2018 · Start by opening both the Excel worksheet and the Word document you want to edit at the same time. 9 Updated 1 year ago Spreadsheet Integration – Connect Google Sheets With WordPress, WooCommerce & Most Popular Form Plugins. You’ll need to change different pieces of the code to match your own spreadsheet: Google Docs is a popular service for managing documents online. See full list on elegantthemes. Use this URL to embed the spreadsheet on your website or blog. Step 2 – Download and install the ipushpull add-in for Excel. Wordpress: remove links to images Wordpress default settings are somewhat awkward: if you insert an image (or any picture or media)… Vantage Wordpress Theme – Remove the footer If you run the Vantage theme on Wordpress, you'll notice the "A SiteOrigin Theme" footer. Wordpress has some great documentation on publishing your document and getting. Spreadsheets are a popular tool for creating calendars because of the flexibility of formatting. There’s no need to edit the web page containing the table. Embed almost anything in your WordPress post or page. ” Add your source information, if your table has more than . 4. The basic WordPress editor is called TinyMCE. Now you can simply copy that iframe code and place it in the HTML of the page . If you want to embed more document types like Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, etc, then you need to use another plugin. Though WordPress allows you to embed audios, videos and of course,. The WordPress plugin only uploads calculators from the same version of SpreadsheetConverter. com Dec 29, 2020 · The most impressive part of this WordPress chart plugin is the spreadsheet editor. 4. After you publish your spreadsheet, you can share it with the world by embedding it (or parts of it) in a website or blog. Paste the Embed code into the page (be sure to select the right spot). That means if you make any change in the spreadsheet in Google docs the changes will be reflected on your web page automatically. Step #1. Airtable is a low-code platform for building collaborative apps. Jul 11, 2016 · Adding a chart or graph to your WordPress posts and pages is as simple as adding images. Press the Publish button and the SSC Calculator file will be uploaded to WordPress. Get wpDataTables May 18, 2015 · Once your interactive charts is set up, all you have to do is to copy the embed code and paste it on your blog (watch video). 3 layouts available: File Viewer, Grid, and List; Upload multiple amount of files . 3. CodeinWP has some good tips on how to choose the right chart style for your data. Calendars and Schedules. ” After that, click on the more action (three-dot) button again and click on Embed item. com site by copying and pasting the embed code. Apr 16, 2014 · Embed Google Sheets in your Website. Tags: ExcelSheetsTipstutorialVideo. Alternatively, create a “named range”. This time, as promised, I'll show you. Aug 16, 2011 · eMember does not care about what you place on a WordPress post or page. The pop-up window will show several options to create a table on the left menu bar. At first, upload the Excel file (spreadsheet) to Google docs. In this video, I'm going to show you how to display your excel file data in WordPress post or WordPress p. Before listing some ideas for embedding Google Spreadsheets in your blog or website, let me address a few reasons WHY you might want to use a spreadsheet instead of using some other approach. Follow the instructions below to embed your SharePoint Online-hosted Excel for the web BI Workbooks in your web page or blog. Your next step is to open your WordPress dashboard. How to embed Google Forms on WordPress or other sites · Google Sheets: How to rename a spreadsheet. wordpress. First, just in case some do not know a Spreadsheet or Worksheet is made of Rows and Columns that can either help sort Data , arrange Data , and also calculate Numerical Data . Before start embedding your Google Sheets into WordPress, you have to assure that its privacy is public. com/questions/254258/how- can-i-embed-an-excel-spreadsheet-that-allows-users . Unfortunately, even their premium form maker version lacks an embed option like WPForms, so you’re limited in where you can place your forms on your site. Embed Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations in your posts or pages. Note: These steps are the same for embedding a Google Sheet. Click More at the bottom of the popup menu. A popular option for embedding tabular data in a web page is through Google Docs (Spreadsheets). ipushpull creates an Excel ribbon, once you are logged in to the ribbon, select the range of data in your spreadsheet that you would like to display on your website. It will protect that whole post or page if you tell it. In OneDrive, right-click the workbook, and then click Embed. embed spreadsheet in wordpress